The ultimate trust relationship

The ultimate trust relationship

There’s plenty of electronic signature info available online, and while some if it is actually helpful, other parts tend to lean more toward fiction as opposed to reality. Electronic are becoming more and more important in the world of big business. They are also being used in doctors’ offices, schools, and even churches. Most people see it as a great way to conduct day-to-day actions, especially when a vast majority of those actions actually take place online. Regardless of this fact, there are still people who simply prefer to fax documents and sign them by hand. Here are some ways in which e-signing is beneficial.

The first reason why electronic signatures are favorable to faxing documents, is time. It takes far too much time to fax a signed document to someone, have them print it off, sign it, and then send the document back. In busy work places the process is slowed eve more, as documents which were faxed before yours must go through first. Electronic signing makes the process quick and easy. All you have to do is sign the forms and then send them with the click of a button. It is nearly instantaneous.

Another issue that people who fax documents face, is the fear of the document getting into the wrong hands. When you fax a document tom someone, they often are not the first person to see it. This is why you have to label the fax to begin with. Someone might read sensitive or private material in the process, and confidentiality agreements might be broken. Additionally, the faxed document might simply become lost. In this case you are left wondering when the document is going to come through, only to find out later that a fellow employee misplaced it.

E-signing also reflects a certain degree of professionalism. It shows that you are on board with the evolution of technology, and clients appreciate this fact. You want all of your business dealings to reflect your professionalism at all times. Using an electronic signature allows you to show others that you are not afraid to do something different if it makes the process much more efficient.

Electronic signatures hold up in court, and they can be saved onto a flash drive or hard drive of your computer. This is often much more favorable to trying to save a physical paper document. Simply name the file and place it in a location in which you can return to it at a later date. E-signing is certainly making the life of merchants much better. It is opening up a whole new avenue of business for people who could not previously expand into new markets. Try using electronic signature software, and you’ll understand why it is incredibly beneficial.

July 21st, 2014

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Current interest rates on investments are low and they do not appear to be going anywhere. As these rates stagnate, inflation stands at an average of 1.5%. If you purchase a traditional investment vehicle, such as a money market or a CD, your money may effectively stand still when the rate of inflation is taken into account. As a result, some individual investors are looking for alternative, more lucrative investment sources. One that is gaining traction is an online financial marketplace called the Lending Club.

Before you sink your money into anything, it is important to thoroughly evaluate it and to assess your risk comfort level. With a stated average annual rate of return on investment of between eight and nine percent, The Lending Club looks at first glance to be a good resource for investors looking for more than the traditional but low-paying vehicles. Here are some key points to consider.
1. With online platforms such as the Lending Club, you bear the risk.
The Lending Club provides an online financial platform where individual investors can loan money directly to willing borrowers. The key is that the investors can buy portions of requested loans in small increments of $25.00. If the borrower defaults, then collecting on your investment becomes a problem. However, if you buy $25.00 increments of multiple loan requests, then you can effectively spread your risk across numerous loans. Your overall return rate will depend on the quality of loans in which you choose to invest and in how many.
To assist investors, the Lending Club provides a rating for the borrower and assigns a risk level. Determine your willingness to take a risk and choose accordingly.
2. In the past, Lending Club has included delinquent loans in the reported average rate of return
The Lending Club’s reported annual rates of return of between 8-9% for investors may be inflated. Prior to the 2008 market collapse, banks did the same thing. How it works is when the annual rate of return is figured for an investor, the Lending Club has historically included the investor’s delinquent but not yet defaulted loans as reported profits. For example, if someone is owed money on a delinquent account, the principal and interest that has not been received will be included in figuring the return rate. The website has adjusted this somewhat; investors now have the option to click on a button that downgrades delinquent accounts by how delinquent they are, which in turn, improves the accuracy of the report. However, when they figure the average annual rates, they are not down-marketing. This does not mean an individual investor will not receive better rates than with a traditional CD or money market account, but the realized returns may be less than what is expected.
The Lending Club provides an alternative investment strategy for individuals looking to improve on the stagnant interest rates that continue to remain low. For more information about the Lending Club, go here

July 9th, 2014

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Running your very own business can be tedious and stressful especially when it’s time to bring out and compute for the year’s taxes and other state payables. Sure you are an expert businessman, and you are confident that you have been doing everything properly. But if you come to think of out, you will soon realize that you have more work than you have bargained for. Of course, there is really nothing wrong with being a hands on business owner, however, it is also important to know there is also a perfect time to say that you need help.

Tax season cannot really keep, even the most organized and collected people to run into a frenzy. Now, in order to avoid facing this dilemma every single time, it is important to hire the expertise of the best Sydney bookkeeping services that you can find in your area.

What’s In It For You?

The advantages of hiring or outsourcing your company’s bookkeeping services are endless. And you will get to enjoy all of these when you choose the best one for your bookkeeping needs. Here are 4 top advantages that you can completely enjoy once you let Sydney Bookkeeping Services to help you out:

  • All Financial Records Are Kept Up to Date – for any type of business, keeping all financial or economic records can be a struggle, especially so for companies that lack the right type of organization to handle all these numbers. To avoid all the hassles of recording and keeping all your books in order, the best way to go is to acquire the services of an expert bookkeeping company to keep all your records updated on a regular basis.
  • Business Transactions are All in Order – aside from updating your records, Sydney Bookkeeping Services will also be able to process all your company sales and receive payments in a timely manner. This manner of company organization is cannot be overlooked, since the future of your company’s survival heavily depends on the number of sales and the amount of money that you bring in the business.
  • Payroll and Other Company Benefits are rolled out on time – remember that it’s not just your taxes and income that you need to keep track of. You should also keep in mind that your employees require your attention. Expert bookkeepers do not only keep your financial records ironed out, they also help you roll out your company payroll and update their status and of course the benefits that each employee will be receiving.
  • Month-to-date and Year End Financial Reviews – why wait for tax season to come knocking at your door before you start organizing your numbers? Reckon that cramming will not do you and your company any good. With the help of the right Sydney bookkeeping services, you will be able to pull up all your data on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis without spending too much time worrying about how to get all your books straight.

Now that you know the advantages that you and your company will surely enjoy from outsourcing your bookkeeping services, the task that is now at hand is to find one that meets all your needs. Searching for the perfect bookkeeping services is now as easy as going online and checking out the companies that offer all the services that you require plus more. Soon enough you will be able to sleep better at night knowing that your company and its financial records are in good hands.

Looking for the best bookkeeping services in Sydney? Visit Sydney Bookkeeping Services or give them a call now and find out how their expert bookkeepers can help you.

March 20th, 2014

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